Afternoon tea with a difference - we travel to you!


Afternoon tea with a difference - we travel to you!

Imagine the scene…

You are sitting relaxed and happy in the company of good friends or relatives.

The table is covered in a dazzling white tablecloth; vintage teacups chink as they are placed back onto saucers.

Three tier cake stands and old-fashioned serving plates are laden with delightful and delicious delicacies such as dainty

finger sandwiches and delicate biscuits that are designed to have you reaching for another one.

The teapot is cosily wrapped to keep your favourite tea just right for drinking.

Where could you be? Surprise, surprise you could be in the comfort of your own home, courtesy of the travelling afternoon tea service – Travelling Teapot.


About Travelling teapot

We are a mother and daughter team who are based in Edinburgh.

From an early age Mum, Carolyn, baked with her own mother and grandmother. In turn she passed these skills onto her own daughter, Mairi.

In June 2012, Carolyn helped her mother bake for, and host a tea party for a special birthday at the sheltered housing complex where she lives. Carolyn thoroughly enjoyed baking favourite recipes from her childhood and then seeing the delight that they gave her mother’s friends when they saw the memories laid out on a plate. The afternoon passed quickly as everyone reminisced about baking with family members and sharing memories of special family occasions.

This reminded Carolyn of a conversation she had with close friend, Caroline, who spoke about a travelling afternoon tea service.  The idea is that people would be able to get together, relax and enjoy a feast of delicious cakes, savoury sandwiches and pots of hot tea in the comfort of their own home. With vintage teacups, saucers and cake stands helping to evoke the memory of times past and create new ones.

Mairi has always liked to bake (and eat!) cupcakes for different occasions and for her friends so it was easy to get her on board. Mairi and her friends love an excuse to go for afternoon tea and particularly enjoy the mix of vintage crockery and modern treats. Therefore, Mairi was keen that the new venture should not only offer old favourites like custard creams, but cupcakes and other modern trends.

Thus, Travelling Teapot was born – an afternoon tea service with a difference, we travel to you!